Now, Twitch Wants To Punish Users For What They Do Online and Offline

Twitch will now punish users regardless of whether they are using the Twitch website or not.
Twitch is striving to bring safety and inclusivity to everyone who uses the service. Twitch will take action against users who do the following things:

  1. Hurt all Twitch people and/or staff by threatening them
  2. The Twitch community is physically endangered through your actions.
  3. The solicitation, distribution, and grooming of underage children constitutes child exploitation.
  4. you are a member of the hate group or a leader of it
  5. It is credible that a location, event, or group of people will face threats of mass violence.
  6. The involvement in a non-consensual activity and/or the sexual assault of a person, or the accomplice in such activity
  7. Recruiting terrorists or terrorist activities
  8. Engaged in violent extremism and deadly violence

Twitch’s legal department will hire outside counsel when needed to investigate serious offenses.
Twitch will only take action if they are able to verify the actions that occurred both online and offline.
The company has examples of what evidence it accepts. It will only accept evidence collected by third-party investigators, it will not take screenshots, as they can be altered, and they will only use links to public posts.
Twitch’s Off-Service team can be contacted at if you are experiencing a problem.
Twitch decided to change their policy because Twitch users were accused of sexually assaulting or abusing people. Their behavior may have been enabled by other Twitch users.
Twitch was known to ignore abusive and sexist behavior by its employees or platform in 2020.
Twitch did change its harassment policy in December of 2020 to provide more details about what behavior was forbidden on its site.
Twitch released its first transparency report in March of 2021. In the past, it dealt with 2.5 percent of bad conduct, including sexual conduct, pornography, violence, and gore, as well as hate speech, sexual harassment, and harassment.

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