Myanmar Pageant Contestant Speaks Out About Myanmar Military Crackdown

What an Asian beauty pageant says at a pageant usually is not newsworthy, but what Han Lay, Miss Grand Myanmar, said at her pageant made headlines.
According to Han Lay, many people are dying in her country. People should attempt to help Myanmar, and they should do it soon.
Han Lay, a 22-year-old, was on the streets of Yangon protesting against the Myanmar junta a month ago.
The Myanmar military took control of the country on February 1, 2021, using the excuse that the election won by the opposition was not fair.
Many people took to the streets, and the military used water cannons to disperse them. A week after that, they used rubber bullets, and then they used live ammunition.
More than 500 people have been killed since February 1st. According to Save The Children, 45 of those killed were children.
Han Lay, a student of psychology at the University of Yangon, decided to talk about her home country on a global stage at the pagest.
Her interview with the BBC in Bangkok said that she knew reporters were being detained and wanted to tell the world about it.
After the pageat, she decided to stay in Thailand for the next three months because she was concerned that the Myanmar military may come after her.
The reason why Han Lay is so worried about my safety and my friend is because she has been talking a lot about the military and the Myanmar situation. Since she is from here, she knows there are limits to what can be said.
Friends have advised her that she should not return to Myanmar.
Two journalists, social media influencers and 18 celebs have been on the names of Myanmar’s National Security and Intelligence Service since the coup last week. They have reported “bad things” about the coup.
Her speech at the pageat left her with no contact with the military or any Myanmar official. When she looks at her social media accounts, people have made threatening comments against her.
They threaten her on social media and say that prison awaits her. She has no idea who is making the threatening remarks. Most of her social media has actually been supportive.
An activist group, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), believes that about 2,500 people have been placed in jail by the Myanmar military.
One of her friends was killed when he went to a restauran to get some coffe and he was shot by someone.
Her home country is in really bad shape.

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