The 2000s: The Thai Mob Struck 3 Times with Tragic Consequences

When I mean mob, I don’t mean an organization that violates the law. I mean the kind of mob that is a group of people who turn into vigilantes and go after somebody that they feel is violating the law or their beliefs. In movies and TV shows, they are the ones with pitchforks and fire torches.

One day, at a BTS Skytrain stop, a man took a woman hostage with a knife. Somehow, the police had managed to free the woman and the knife.
As soon as the man had been disarmed, the group of Thai people that had watched this situation play out descended on him and killed him.

There is a Buddhist shrine in Bangkok near the World Trade Center (this is what it was called in the 2000s) called the Erawan Shrine.
One day, in March, a man walked into the Erawan shrine and almost immediately started to smash a Buddhist statue.
After he finished smashing the statue, a Thai mob descended on him and killed him.
A family member said that this man was mentally ill and that is probably why he smashed the statue.
The statue was replaced a few weeks later.

In Thailand, after a person files a police complaint, the victim and the criminal, should the criminal have been arrested, must perform a reenactment of the crime.
One day, there was a reenactment of a man raping a woman. A crowd showed up and the father of the victim.
Unfortunately, a crowd thought the father, who kind of looked like the rapist, was the actual rapist. They descended on him and started beating him up.
Fortunately, somebody showed up and told them that he was not the rapist.
The father lived.

I tried to Google all of these to be more accurate about these events. I could only find information about the smashing of the Erawan shrine statue.

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