Thailand and India, Neighbors of Myanmar, Are Being Affected By The Myanmar Crisis

Thailand and India will be affected by the crisis in Myanmar on April 2nd, 2021 due to turmoil in Myanmar and the military’s brutal crackdown on anti-coup protesters.
Thai and Indian authorities have attempted to stop the new arrivals coming from Myanmar. The authorities believe a trickle will turn into a flood if the crisis continues.
A top UN official warned last week that Myanmar is on the verge of being in a failed state if nobody tries to stop the bloody crackdown.
With the Myanmar regime’s brutal policies, Bangladesh is also receiving millions of Rohingya refugees. Due to a brutal campaign of Myanmar’s regime against Rohingya people since 2017, these refugees have gone to Bangladesh.
The Thai government tried to stop the flow of refugees from Myanmar last week after Myanmar airstrikes targeted villages belonging to the Karen ethnic minority.
The Thai premier, Prayut Chan-o-cha, expects more arrivals from Myanmar. Although he doesn’t expect more mass migration to Thailand, he intends to take human rights into consideration. He did not want to talk about the preparation of refugee centers at the moment. Currently, they aren’t prepared to go that far.
One leader of an Indian border state says his country’s original statement that it would turn away refugees was misunderstood.
COVID-19 cases have been reported from Myanmar in the Chinese city of Rulli, which is near Myanmar.
Myanmar’s neighbors have long protected refugees from the country, and the UN’s refugee agency has issued a warning that it is illegal to block people seeking asylum under international law.
Gillian Triggs, the assistant high UNHCR commissioner for protection, said children, women, and men should be given sanctuary. As the situation in Myanmar deteriorates further, the UN calls upon states to continue their lifesaving humanitarian tradition of safeguarding the lives of all those forced to flee.
Political parties and local residents in Mizoram state have welcomed more than a thousand people who have trekked through forests from Myanmar and waded across rivers to seek sanctuary.
A large number of them coming to India were policemen who had refused orders to shoot at their own people during protests.
Myanmar’s Assistance Association for Political Prisoners says that more than 2,750 people have been detained or sentenced, including thousands of children, during protests since the military took authority in a February coup.
Despite the crackdown, protestors have continued to pour onto the streets demanding the military respect the results of democratic elections held late last year, which gave opposition parties a landslide majority.
The crisis in Myanmar will continue to affect Thailand and India as long as it continues.

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