Myanmar Military Have Been Killing Children SInce Takeover

The human rights organization Save The Children reports that nearly 43 children have been killed since the military took over the government two months ago.
This human right group thinks that Myanmar had become a nightmare situation. The youngest known age of child killed is six.
The total death toll could be 536, according to a local monitoting group.
Aung San Suu Kyi, the ousted oppositing leader, has accusing of going against the country’s official secrets act.
Along with 4 allies, Suu Kyi was charged last week, but the act itself has only been recently. She could be sentenced up to 14 years.
THe Myanmar military has also charged her with publishing info that could cause alarm or fear, violating the pandemic restrictions during last year’s election campaign, and possessing illegal walkie-talkies.
The UN representative in Myanmar believes that there is a risk of a bloodbath soon as the crackdown against pro-democracy protests continues to intensify.
The UN has decided that their workers’ families should leave the country. There will be some UN staff left in the country.

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