Thai Reporter Banned From Thai Parliament Building

A Thai reporter for a Japanese news agency has been banned from the Government House, the seat of the Thai parliament, for her supposed bad attitude towards the working environment.
The temporary ban resulted from an incident during a press conference conducted by Prayut Chan-o-cha. He pointed out to the reporter that her leg was towards the podium.
In Thailand, it is considered impolite to point your foot at someone.
Mrs. Natthareeya Thaveevonga, the director of the PM’s office spokesman’s office, pointed out that the reporter’s posture was abnormal. Her upper leg was elevated, leaving her foot pointing towards the podium.
According to Nathareeya, the female reporter was not temporarily banned because of her cultural faux pas. It also had nothing to do with her tough questions to the PM.
The ban actually had to do with a post that the reporter had made on social media. This post had allegedly distorted what was happening with the work environment at the Government House.
Banyong Suwapong, the chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Thai Journalists Association, pointed out that times have changed and that women can sit cross-legged with their feet pointed at somebody. However, you have to still conduct yourself properly when dealing with senior Thai officials by wearing proper attire and conducting yourself properly.
After the press conference, the Thai female reporter posted on social media that the reporters had been waiting outside the building way too long before the press conference actually began.

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