Tense Stand-off On Cambodian-Thai Border Due To Logs

Recently, in March of 2021, there was a tense stand-off between Thai border security forces and Cambodian troops in the province of Ubon Ratchathani near the Thai-Cambodian border.
There was a dispute over illegally felled timber that was worth about 15 million Thai baht (about 500,000 US Dollars)
In November of last year, Thai park rangers patrolling the Huay Sala Wildlife Sanctuary saw 25 Mersawa Paya and 69 Ironwood trees knocked down since last November and a majority had been stacked in a warehouse near the Cambodian border. They were supposed to be picked up by alleged illegal loggers from Cambodia.
Thai Army officers had to help Chaiwat work with his Cambodian counterpart. The Thai park officials wanted to return the wood to the officer of the wildlife sanctuary.
Cambodian troops at the border outpost would not allow Thai park officials or troops to get near the logs, 200 meters from the Cambodian border. The Cambodian troops would only follow orders from the field commander. Communication with the field commander would take two days.
They had to guard the warehouse while they were waiting for the communication, so the logs would not be taken back to Cambodia.
The standoff between Thai rangers and Army troops and Cambodian border forces is occurring in front of the warehouse.
Chaiwat fears that if there is a clash that he will have to call for reinforcements.

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