Thailand Gets No Respect

There was a comedian named Rodney Dangerfield in American in the 1980s. In his act, he talked endlessly about how he would not get respect. His movies did not get much respect, either. Thailand, like Dangerfield, does not get respect from the rest of the world. I am here to tell you that Thailand should get more respect.
Before the pandemic, Thailand was considered to be the second-largest economy in this part of Southeast Asia.
Thailand is one of the countries that has handled the pandemic the best. Out of a population of 70 million people, only 94 people have died.
The reason for this is that the Thai government had no hesitation about dealing with this crisis. In March 2020, the government locked down the country quickly. It closed all the border checkpoints. The school term was delayed for two months and they practiced social distancing when they opened. Except for emergencies, there was no international flight. Domestic flights were very limited. Long-distance buses were also limited. Thais had to wear masks and clean their hands before going into any store or mall or restaurant. The Thais did these things without questioning or protests. The Thais have been protesting the pandemic recently because they are getting tired of doing the restrictions like most countries.
Thailand has a really good public transportation system. In Bangkok, you can use taxis, motorcycle taxis, buses, Songtaews (trucks with two rows to sit), tuk-tuks, vans, and subway systems. Except for taxis, they are usually cheap to use. You don’t need a car because there are plenty of ways to get around. The long-distance buses and trains get you to all corners of Thailand and are cheap to use. Domestic flights are cheap. If you have the money, you can get to all parts of Thailand fast and cheaply.
Thailand has one of the best wireless/Internet systems in the world. Thailand’s Internet is one of the fastest in the world. At most hotels, even the small ones, the Internet usually comes free. At most apartments, the Internet is free. Internet cafes, especially outside of Bangkok, are cheap. For one hour, you could get it for 10 baht (25 US cents). Some of them are even 24/7. The Internet is one of the best things about Thailand.
The Thai people are polite and friendly. Even if they speak little English, they do try to understand what you are saying.
In Chaiyaphum, Thailand, I almost would always get a free rise. One night, I had trouble finding a hotel. A Thai couple stopped and they helped me find a hotel. Would Americans do the same?
Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Some of them are only about 2 or 3 hours from Bangkok.
In towns and cities, there is always a 7-11. It has good, cheap microwaveable food. You can get things that you need like shaving cream, deodorant, and razors. The sales clerks always say hello to you. When I leave Thailand, I miss 7-11.
Movie theaters in Thailand are better than in the States. You get to choose your seat at a Thai movie theater. I have heard this is changing in the States. I have not been in the States for 10 years. The Thai movie theaters are clean and new. The movie ticket is about 4 to 5 US dollars. It is one of the best movie experiences that I have ever had.
I think that I have made the point that Thailand should get more respect and that you should definitely come to this country.

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