2 Protests Were Dispersed On A March Sunday By Bangkok Police

According to the Bangkok Post, the Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) (Bangkok police) cleared a protest site as well as 99 demonstrators from the Government House.
The Government House is where the Thai parliament meets.
The MPG dispatched four companies of police officers at 6 in the morning Bangkok time (6 pm Eastern Standard Time) to deal with two groups of protesters. Most demonstrators returned near the Government House later in the day after being kicked out of the grounds of the building in the morning.
Demonstrators are demanding the release of the members who were arrested in the morning. They want a new Constitution to be enacted and for Section 112 of the criminal code to be abolished. There is a section in Thai law that deals with lese majeste, which means that you cannot say bad things about the King of Thailand.
The deputy commissioner of the MPB, Major General Piya Tawichai, announced that 99 protesters were arrested overall after the two protests.
They were taken to Border Patrol Police Region 1 headquarters in Pathum Thani on Rangsit Road. This would be near Future Park Rangsit, one of the largest malls in Thailand.
Piya believes that they would, at first, would be charged with violating the Communicable Disease Control Act and the emergency (two laws that have to with COVID-19)
after they were arrested, two monks were apprehended at Wat Benjamaborphit near site of the protest. It can only be assumed that this means that they had to take off their monk clothes and wear normal clothes before going to jail.
Piya believes that the protest was illegal as they had trespassed on government property. It did not they vandalized fixtures in the area.
Police Major General Chiraphat Bhumichtir, the deputy MPB commissioner, said that the police had received complaints of traffic congestion and loud noises that were caused by the protest. It should be noted that loud noise and traffic congestion are regular occurrences in Bangkok.

Two one-liter bottles of kratom leaf juice and half a kilogram of marijuana were confiscated inside the tent behind the protest stage. Condoms and sex toys were also some of the things found near a protest site. This does sound more like a party than a protest.
There were two groups of protesters or partiers, depending on your point of view.
The first group was ethnic Karen people from the Kaeng Krachan National Park in Phetchaburi, a province only about 2 hours east of Bangkok. They had been there from earlier this month. They were demanding justice for all ethnic minorities in Thailand. The government has been accused of burning down a village in Kaeng Krachan National Park in 2011.
A second group is from Nakhon Ratchasima, also called Korat, one of the largest provinces in Thailand. They were there in order to obtain government reforms. On March 14th, 2021, this group had come and merged with the first group, leaving them as one group protesting against the government establishment.
On a Sunday morning in March 2021 at 6 am in morning, four companies from the Protection and Crowd Control Division police arrived. They used loudspeakers to tell all the protesters to pack their stuff and leave the vicinity in three minutes.
The protesters really wanted more than three minutes to leave, but they were arrested in three minutes anyway.
The ordnance disposal and forensic police arrived after the protesters were arrested.
There were many protesters from the morning at Chamai Maruchet Bridge near Government House at 3 pm. They then had a live music performance where they complained about how they dispersed them earlier.
The protesters had gone onto the streets holding banners with anti-government messages about two and a half hours later, about 5:30 pm, the crowd control police moved in and closed the traffic at the intersection of Hang Loeng and Miskawan.
The police re-issued an ultimatum to these protesters at 6 pm. The protesters must leave the area or they will face legal action.
After the ultimatum was ignored, cops swung in from Wat Benchamabophit and Phitsanulok and

arrested 32. Most of these protesters had photos of their leaders, who are in jail without bail.
This probably will not be the last protest at or near the Government House.

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