The Man-Made Whale Is Still Stuck In The Suez Canal

The quarter-mile-long freighter that has been a Suez Canal blockage for about a week has partially re-floated, raising hopes that many waiting ships could soon enter the Artery of the World.
It is expected that the high tide will return at 6 am Eastern US Standard Time (6 pm Bangkok time) this morning.
The optimism may not be warranted. The bow of this man-made whale is stuck really hard and re-floating the stern of this boat is considered to be the easy part. This is according to the CEO of the salvage company this doing the work to unstuck this whale.
The CEO has seen many congratulatory messages this past week, but he wants to stick to the facts. The ship has been rotated, but the bow is stuck in the clay.
Before this ship got stuck, supply chains were at their weakest. This made it expensive to get goods from one place to the other and causing many shortages including exercise bikes and cheese.
The total number of vessels that cannot go into the Suez Canal at last count was 367. This includes 96 container ships and 35 crude oil tankers. Once the ship is free, it will take many days to get these ships through the canal, causing, even more of a delay for the customers.
IKEA told CNN that it has placed constraints on its supply chains. It is depended on how long it takes to get rid of the whale.
IKEA has confirmed that some of their products are on vessels that are waiting to get into the Suez Canal.
An IKEA spokesperson says his or her company will try all supply options to get their products available.
Maersk, one of the world’s largest shipping companies, has three canals that are in the canal itself and has another 28 that waiting outside the canal. More are coming.
Maersk has already redirected some of its ships to go around the African Cape of Good Hope at the southern African tip. It will add more days and costs to their progress.
Even if the whale was freed soon, it would take Maersk ships six or more days to get rid of the Suez Canal backlog.
Maersk thinks that it will take weeks, maybe even months to unravel the backlog.

Update: According to CNN at around Midnight Bangkok time, the ship has been dislodged and is floating.

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