Lack of PS5 Stock Leads To Scams

BBC News reports that a PS4 scam group has hacked an NHS Horizons executive’s Twitter account.
The scammers targeted accounts that belonged to Helen Bevan, the chief transformation officer for NHS Horizons. Her details were changed and all her personal accounts were hijacked. Their purpose was to make it appear as if they were PS5 stockists by changing her Twitter handle to @SupplierPS5.
An NHS Horizons officer was scammed the second time after he promised to restore the accounts to their original Twitter handle. In an interview with BBC, Bevan revealed how she was scammed. She said the scammers took advantage of her bad situation by charging her 110 US Dollars for fixing her Twitter account.
She thinks the scammer that she paid did absolutely nothing to help her. He sent her film clips on computer files to prove he was helping her. He claimed to have got the money back, but Twitter had changed the way they verified the account. In order to fix the verification, he wanted more money. She thinks that they prey on people’s desperate situations.
One NHS Horizons employee told BBC about how scammers were able to use her account to entice people to buy a PS5 from them.
These scammers would follow what was happening at Target, PC World, Dixons, and Walmart on Twitter. Then they would tweet back to them. They would tweet that they have a PS5 in stock and you should DM them.
Then, Bevan contacted people who had been conned by the group. In an interview with BBC, the NHS Horizons executive hoped her story would serve as a warning to others about online security threats.
Due to the lack of Playstation 5 in stock, there are more scammers. Once the stock levels increase, there should be less scamming.

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