Test Runs on New Red Line in Bangkok

Test runs on the new Red Line subway train route will commence on March 26th, 2021. This new line will run to the new rail hub at Bang Sue Grand Station.
The line will run from Rangist in the northern part of Bangkok to Taling Chan in the western part of Bangkok. It will pass right through Bang Sue Grand Station.
On the 26th, Transport Minister Saksayan Chidchob launched the first test run. He believes commuters can use the line at no charge starting in July. It will be commercial in November. Tickets range in price from 12 Thai baht to 42 Thai baht.
You can purchase a pre-paid ticket card for 700 baht for 10 trips, which means that your trip would be only 35 Thai baht. You can also purchase a 900-baht card for 30 Thai baht or 1200 baht for 50 trips.
Bang Sue Grand Station will be the largest railway hub in the Southeast Asian region. High-speed, airport, long-distance, and commuter trains will all converge here.

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