Ode To A Bat

one night
out of nowhere
a bat crawled
into my room
to the edge of my bed
I did not know
what to do
I left my room
down the two flights of stairs
for help
as fast as my two bare feet
could carry me
the caretaker gave me a box
to scoop it up
to scoop the box into

when I came back
the bat was gone
as it has never been
as if I had imagined it

I live in the
21st century
and took a picture with
my phone

bats are in the belfry
penguins are in the freezer
cockroaches in the fruit of the loom
ants in the crawl space
blobs in the plastic
vampires in Venice
like in Jurassic
life will find a way
we will survive
if bats
can crawl into rooms
anything is possible

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