Some Pandemic Restrictions Will Be Eased in Thailand on April 1st

A meeting yesterday concerning the pandemic was held by the Thai government and a decision was reached that the quarantine be 10 days and 7 days. Fly-to-fly travel documents will no longer be required inside Thailand. The new requirements will be implemented starting April 1st, 2021.
Those who arrive without a vaccination certificate will be quarantined for 10 days. Those with a vaccination certificate will be quarantined for 7 days.
From April 1st to September 30th, the quarantine facilities will stay in operation under the new requirements. The easing of restrictions is part of the plan to have most restrictions eliminated by October 1st.
Dr. Taweeslip Visanuyothi, Thai government spokesperson, said that people coming to Thailand no longer need a fly-to-fly document. A COVID0-19 certificate proves that the results were negative for the pandemic.
Some parts of the world have announced that they have variants of the pandemic. The Thai government is focusing on Africa as a place where variants of the pandemic exist.
John Hopkins University is uncertain whether current treatments and vaccines will be effective against new pandemic variants.
The John Hopkins University reports that one of the main concerns about Covid-19 variants is the unknown effect the current treatments and vaccines will have on the variant strains.
Researchers are spending more time studying the variant discovered in South Africa. The vaccine produced by Oxford-AstraZeneca provides very little protection against the South African variant. Only moderate or mild illness was experienced by those who got the AstraZeneca vaccine and then the South African variant.
The South African variant is not faring any worse than the original virus. People who have been exposed to the original virus are still at high risk of being infected with COVID-19.
Additional restrictions will ease after April 1. People new to Thailand can get out of their rooms if they are able to follow government health measures. They can buy food and goods outside the hotel and can use the fitness facilities such as swimming pools and outdoor exercise areas. How the government will enforce this new restriction is unclear.

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