Gamescom in August Will Be Physical and Digital Despite Pandemic

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Gamescom has confidently decided that its physical show in August, while E3 will be digital in 2021.
This year’s show will include both physical and digital elements. The team hopes that the measures they have taken to stop the spread of the pandemic will be successful. They also have planned to have reduced attendance numbers in order to capture some of the show’s past magic.
It will be held at Cologne’s Koelmess venue from August 25th to 28th. Just before the event, there will be a developer conference called Devcom.
At the venue, the entertainment exhibitors will have a limit on the number of people allowed in Halls 5 through 10. The exhibits will have a digital queuing system where attendees can book a time slot to try out game demos.
Business people must go to Halls 2 through 11. These business areas are located within the same building as Devcom.
Geoff Keighley will host an Opening Night presentation at Gamescom on the night of Tuesday, August 24th.
Through Gamescom Biz, a new virtual B2B platform, game industry attendees can access the content throughout the week. With this platform, users can participate in private roundtable discussions and meetings, watch talks, and network within the virtual cafe. This platform was supposed to be used at the last Gamescom, but they couldn’t find the tool to do it.
Fans can see all the game broadcasts and announcements at Gamescom Now. Both Gamescom Biz and Now will have digital show floors so attendees can discover the newest products.
The new announcement comes at a time when there has been some progress in the fight against the pandemic. With the introduction of new vaccines, it is likely that the new vaccines will not be ready to conduct large indoor events until the UK in June of 2021.

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