The Rumors Are True! You May Have to Battle Zombies in Civilization 6

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The rumors can be true sometimes. You can expect to fight zombies as well as other civilizations in Civilization 6.
There are two ways to win Civilization in the 1990s.
With the first version of this game, you also had two ways to win. You needed to beat every civilization in the game. The other way is to develop a rocket program and go into space. It took a lot of time to beat this game. Many people got sleepless because of it.
Portugal Pack will have zombies and they are part of the DLC included in Civilization 6’s New Frontier Pass.
The new pack will be released on Thursday, March 25th, 2021. It won’t just contain zombies. There will be two new world wonders, a new civilization, a new leader, and a new wetlands map. There will also be a new optional game mode called Zombie Defense that lets you choose whether you want to fight zombies in the game or not.
A video from Firexis Games, detailing the new content in the Portugal Pack, announced the new additions to the game.
The Zombie Defense mode is what fans are most looking forward to.
In the Zombie Defense mode, Firexis Games says that the dead will rise from the dead and pose a threat to civilizations. When you kill a unit, they might come back as a killer zombie. They will go after another human.
The Portugal Pack is included in New Frontier Pass at no extra cost, but you will have to pay for the pack separately.

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