Chess Category Hits A Milestone at Twitch

ccording to data from, an analytics partner with StreamElements, Twitch is celebrating a new milestone in the Chess category. There were more than 21 million hours watched in this category in February 2021.
Only 1 million hours were watched in February 2020. The surge was attributed to the popularity of The Queen’s Gambit, which premiered in October 2020 but continued to be viewed for some time.
While it was a milestone, it took less time to reach 1op 10 compared to Chatting with 235 million hours. League of Legends came in second with 144 million hours, while Grand Theft Auto 5 came in third.
Rust came in at number 10 with 43 million hours watched. It was number 2 in the previous month.
Twitch now has nine women among the top 200 streamers (per the number of hours twitched), compared to only two in 2020.
Because February is short, Facebook Gaming and Twitch had dipped in their overall numbers. However, they still grew faster than in previous Februarys.
Twitch saw a growth of $82 to 2 billion hours watched, while Facebook Gaming grew to 79% to 345 million hours.

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