Datong, China Partners With JD.com to Create New AI Hotline for Residents

In February 2021, the smart hotline for residents (12345) was officially launched in Datong. This service uses an AI designed by JD Technology.
Calls to this hotline by JD.com have increased 32 percent daily, with a 100% pick-up rate.
On an average day, this hotline deals with about 5,000 calls a day. They get questions about many different topics like city operations problems, quarantine policies, and pensions. Before this partnership with JD Technology, the prior hotline had to rely on old-school customer service. This meant that they used human beings. These human beings usually missed a lot of calls and some of the service staff would not give vague, standards replies that did not help their efficiency.
Robot customer service takes your call on the new AI-based hotline. Based on the robot’s decision, you will be connected to a human or not. The AI hotline is built to detent human emotions so it can make the right responses. Based on semantic analysis technology, JD.com programmed the hotline to understand regional dialects.
JD.com integrated a huge data analysis platform with the hotline that uses the hotline information to provide real-time forecasts and to provide early warnings about issues and emergencies.
In March 2021, the hotline in Daton receives about 7,000 calls per day.
An employee who works in customer service believes the hotline really reduced his or her workload. Before the hotline, this person could not drink water or go to the bathroom without worrying that he or she would miss a call.

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