Epic Games Makes Another Acquisition

The gaming company Epic Games has gone on an acquisition spree and their latest purchase is Capturing Reality, a photogrammetry developer.
Capturing Reality is mainly known for RealityCapture, a software program that is able to turn images into three-dimensional models.
As with many acquisitions of tech companies, the work done by Capturing Reality in the past will become part of the Unreal Engine ecosystem. This 3D model company will continue to serve its old customers and still can try to get new customers.
Capturing Reality co-starter, Machal Jancosek, believes that their mission will continue to be THE most powerful user-friendly, photogrammetry solution in the market. Customers can focus on their business instead of 3D models.
Martin Bijnak, another starter of Capturing Reality, thinks that Epic likes their goals and will continue them. He thinks that Epic has a good record of turning existing technologies into something that is more accessible to developers in most industries. His company is looking forward to being partners with Epic. Epic should be able to make the adoption of their technology go faster and moving the whole photogrammetry industry forward.
Beginning 2 years ago, Epic has merged with Tonic Games Group, RAD Tools, SuperAwesom, Hyprsense, Cubic Notion, Quixel, Houseparty, Twimotion, Payonix, Agog Labs, and 3Lateral. They bought a North Carolina mall so they could make it its headquarters.

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