Trenton Garmon Fights For Joe Schmoo

It should not be surprising to the people of Alabama that Trenton Garmon ended up being a lawyer. Leon Garmon, Esquire, Trenton’s father, served the Alabaman people as a lawyer for 40 years.
When the youngest Garmon was in high school, he worked for his father as a legal clerk. At the age of 17, he was able to successfully make a legal court filing and brief. When he was a sophomore in college, he was able to write a Court of Civil Appeals brief that managed to overturn an improper ruling made by a judge. Soon after Trenton wrote this brief, the law was rewritten to reflect what was written in his brief.
After college, he got a law degree from The Troy and Birmingham School of Law. While he was in law school, Trenton helped organize the Christian Legal Society. He was a Chaplain of this organization. After law school, he clerked for Morris, Haynes, and Hornsby.
As a full-fledged lawyer, he has been an advocate for the people and represents them against major insurance corporations, huge corporations, and powerful people. He wants to make sure that they get what they deserve when they lose a loved one or their civil rights are violated.
For people, he has been involved in at least 100 cases from the beginning to the final judicial decision. He lost two clients when they refused to follow his legal advice. He had bad luck with another client when that client decided to perjure himself/herself on the stand. He has been connected in some way with about 4,000 cases. He was able to get $2 million dollars for a family in a malpractice case, even though the defense called it a meritless case.
He has sued a wide range of organizations. He has sued a sheriff’s office, Division 1 Universities, Fortune 500 corporations, and powerful individuals.
He is not shy about appearing in media outlets. He has appeared on global and local outlets such as Fox, CBN, and others. On local TV, he has on the local legal discussion shows Law Call, the Attorney’s, and Fox 6 on Your Side with Rhonda Robinson.
Trenton Garmon will defend people inside the courthouse as well as in the court of public opinion.

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