The Birth of a Sucker

P.T. Burnam once said that a sucker is born every minute. Today, with billions of people on the Earth, he would probably say that a sucker is born every millisecond or nanosecond. In the second week of June 2020, I was not just a sucker once but twice.

The first time that I became a sucker was with this guy on Whatsapp. His colleague had promised me that he would send me Bitcoin if I sent him $50. I had switched phones and somehow, I had lost his number in the switch. This guy called me up and said that he still wants the $50 that his colleague wanted. This week, I decided that I would send him the $50 by Bitcoin.

After I sent the $50, he sent me this:

From unknown person on Whatsapp

This image got me excited. I did not know that I was going to get $4000 and it got me excited. I could do a lot with $4000.

A few hours later, he told me that I owed him more fees. This was his exact message:

There still some left fees of which you should pay for the pending payment to be approved. They are;
-Manager withdrawal fee
-Company commission
You might likely want to contact the manager for this.

He then told me that each of these new fees was $50. I told him that I would think about it, but I don’t think that I will.

One good thing is that he did leave me with some useful information about himself. On Whatsapp, his number is +27 60 333 8343. He left me these two images:

The second time that I was a sucker was when I dealt with an individual who went by the handle hacketcandy20 on Instagram. I had heard about him from another person on Facebook who said that he could be helpful. I contacted him on Instagram and he said that for $50, he would send me 4 Bitcoin. (about $36,000 in the second week of June). I sent him $50 and he sent me this image:

From Hackercandy20

If you guessed that I would have to send him another $50, you guessed correct. After an hour of pleading, begging, and swearing on his life that he would send me the 4 Bitcoin, I sent him the money. He sent me back this image:

From Hacketcandy20

He then said that I had been granted access to the money, but I would still have to pay him $100 to supposedly finally gain access to his money. I did not believe him. I told him that I would complain to Instagram if he did not return my $100. He then said that I would only have to pay $50. After my first experience in the work, I refused and complained to Instagram. He is still on Instagram. I hope that someday, he will be kicked off Instagram so he does not do this to other people.

If you have been scammed online, you can contact me at I would your voice heard.

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If you do have some extra Bitcoin, you can send it to me at 3Lknr6ojweDvKJpxTZ5QHGQW9wfkxgPiJP

I hope that you will take not be scammed like me.

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