How Many Headlines for Ling Ping?

If you have forgotten about who Lin Ping is because of all the recent Thai turmoil, he is the first panda born in Thailand. The 27th of April was his 1st birthday. I can only guess that all his future birthdays will be headline in Thai newspapers.

                I was here a year ago and I am afraid to say that a year ago, Lin Ping looked like a little white rat. You have to understand that panda are quite small. They are about 1/9000 of their future selves. It is a wonder that panda babies are not squashed by their mothers.  To be clear, I certainly don’t panda babies to be squashed.

                After he was born last year, Thais went nuts about the little guy. The image of panda bears were everywhere.  He had his own 24-hour channel. Local comedians made fun of the little guy. The little guy is a bona fide Thai celebrity and the little panda probably doesn’t even know it.

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