Thai Online Computer Games

If you go into any Internet café in Thailand, you will see that the Thai teenagers will be mostly playing online games, not surfing the Internet. These are the games that you will most likely see them playing:

  1. Kart Rider (racing game)
  2. Audition (a dancing game)
  3. Cabal
  4. Lineage II
  5. World of Warcraft (could be called Warcraft III)
  6.  Fly for Your Life
  7.  Pangya (golf game)
  8.  Maple Story
  9.  Rangnarok
  10.  Three Kingdoms
  11.  Freestyle (basketball)
  12.  FIFA Online (football)
  13.  Ghost Online
  14.  Hip Street (like Audition)
  15.  Fantasy Tennis
  16.  Yulgang
  17.   Gun Alley

These are in no particular order. Someday, if I have the time, I will find out the web addresses.

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