Thai Crime in the 2000s

The Stupidest Thai Criminal of the 2000s

            Once upon a time, Tesco Lotus fired a security firm made up of former soldiers. They did not like being fired so they hired a man to do some damage to Tesco Lotus. They hoped that he would do enough damage to prove that they were better than the new firm that Tesco hired.

This man’s first action was to put a grenade in a shopping cart. A store clerk moved this cart and the grenade exploded. She lost an arm.

Somehow, he got an anti-tank missile launcher and fired a missile at a branch of Tesco Lotus. The missile missed the branch and hit a neighbouring building.

The police tracked him down to his house and surrounded it. He killed himself instead of surrendering.

This is Thailand Criminal of the 2000s

        At a medical school somewhere in Thailand, a love triangle had formed between one man and two women.

The Thai man decided that he wanted to be rid of one of the two women. With the help of the woman that he actually loved, he killed the one that he did not like in this love triangle.

After killing the woman and dumping the body on the side of the road, they went to a karaoke. Because after  you kill someone, you just have to go and sing a song. It is the only way to relax and get rid of that pumped energy.

The Thai Serial Killer of the 2000s

One year in this decade, a Thai man moved from province to province. He killed as he travelled and he mostly killed sex workers.

When the police finally caught up to him, he told the police the reason that he killed was that the sex workers kept on changing the price for the sex.

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