The 2000s: Thailand Vs. The World 2006

Last week, the Thai military took control of the government, and as usual, the world condemned it.

In normal circumstances, I would agree with the world. I can see why they would condemn and why this military coup is unacceptable. However, in this case, I think the world is wrong in condemning this military coup.

To begin with, the leader of the old government was going to do a coup of his own. He was going to call on his friends in the military to take over the government. He used a clash between his opponents and his supporters as an excuse to declare a state of emergency. He instructed his supporters in the police force and the military to quash this clash and seize power.

This coup was meant to prevent another coup. A coup engineered by the democratic government would have been violent, as it would involve clashes between people. The overthrow of the government by the opponents was peaceful, as nobody clashed when they took over. It was so peaceful, that tourists took pictures of the military taking over the government. This would not have been possible if the democratic leader had succeeded in his attempt. Many people would have perished. In the end, it was better than if the military had taken over.

Thailand has had no government since February of this year. The last democratic government conducted the last election so badly that nobody was elected. The opposition parties refuse to participate because they don’t trust the prime minister of the last government to do so in a fair manner.

However, he managed to jury-rig the election in his favor.

In the Thai courts, they declared the election illegal and the election commissioners were sentenced to prison for two years.

Having a government after months of uncertainty is not what Thailand wants, but it is better to have a government now than nothing at all.

It was becoming more and more a dictatorship. It would not allow the media to say anything bad about its policies. The prime minister was using corruption to remake the government in a way where he could seize full power eventually.

The military is saying that Thailand will eventually have a democratic government no matter what. I’d also give them a chance to prove they’re serious.

As long as the King supports them, I support them too. I hope we are both right.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, the world should support it. It should try to see it as a good thing in light of the current circumstances. I hope someday the world will understand.

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