Panda Pandering II

To add just a few details that I forgot in the last article that I wrote about the baby panda, I have decided to write a little more about the panda. You should know the following:
1. His name is Lin Ping if you really want to know.
2. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is using him (I belived that it is a him) in commercials on Thai TV. The commercial shows the webiste for TAT and it is
3. You can watch the activities of Lin Ping 24 hours a day on a channel on True Vision or UBC or whatever you choose to call this Thai national cable service. If that won’t get you tired of the little guy, I don’t know what will.
I also want to make clear that I like pandas. They are beautiful creatures that deserve predservation. I just believe that the Thais have gone overboard in their media coverage of the this particular little guy. This little guy has become overexposed and somebody should stop it before I or somebody else throws up.

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