A Thai Conquering Hero

In 2008, a crowd composed of regular people and the press were standing in front of doors of the Suvarnabhumi airport. They had both waiting for hours for a particular man to emerge from those doors. The people were there to see a glimpse of their hero and the press were there to get pictures of their hero and to get hopefully some comments for their respective news outlets.
Finally, the man they had been waiting for emerged from the doors, wearing a black suit, and he waied to the people and to the press. He then wait down on his knees and bowed his head until his lips touched the ground. He briefly kissed the ground and then stood up. The regular people cheered him as he kissed the ground. He went back into the airport. He had accomplished what he had to do.
Who was this person that could such a stir at the airport? It was Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister of Thailand, returning from a exile after his government had been overthrown by the military in September of 2006, and everything would change because of his return at that time.

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